Monitoring Backup and Restore Operations

You can monitor backup and restore operations by running system view queries or by looking at the reports in the SMC.

SMC Monitoring

Go to Monitor > Backup/Restore Processes in the SMC. For example:

You can filter backup and restore events and look at the details for individual operations. For example:

The Databases view in the SMC also shows which databases are in HOT_STANDBY mode, either because they were restored or because they are active replicas. For example:

System Views

Write queries against the following system views:

See the view descriptions for examples.

If you are taking backups with ybbackup and using database replication, the sys.backup_chain and sys.backup_snapshot views contain information about chains and snapshots that apply to both types of operations.

Backup and restore operations that use the pre-Version 4.0 legacy tools cannot be monitored in the SMC. Use the legacy system views for this purpose: