ybbackupctl Commands

The ybbackupctl tool runs commands that help you manage backups on the client system:
  • List the contents of a backup set and identify the chain name, the type and name of each backup in the set, the number of tables in the backup, its timestamp, and its size on disk. This information is useful for checking backup history and for identifying restore points when a database needs to be restored.
  • Copy a backup to another physical location.
  • Delete a backup from its physical location because it is no longer needed.
  • Purge obsolete FULL backups or INVALID (partial) backups in order to clean up the storage system and reclaim space.
  • Fix paths to backups that have been moved since the backup was taken, or need to be resolved from a different mount point.
  • Return help text for the tool itself.

Syntax Summary

The ybbackupctl syntax takes one of the following "control commands," followed by certain options. The required options vary by command.
--copy-to |
--delete |
--fix-bundle-paths |
--help |
--list |
[ options ]
For more details about the complete syntax, see ybbackupctl Options.

You do not need to connect to the database to run these commands, so do not try to set the user and password options that are required for ybbackup and ybrestore tools. Any user can run the ybbackupctl commands.

An alternative way to look at your backup history is to query the sys.log_backup view.