LDAP Synchronization: Examples with Filters

Following on from the previous example, this section shows how to filter groups and users for LDAP synchronization. You can use the Expression Builder to simplify this task. See LDAP Sample Schema for information about the LDAP groups and users associated with these examples.

In this case, assume that your organization's LDAP directory contains additional non-Yellowbrick groups under Database/SecurityGroups, such as mstr_users and tableau_users, that you want to filter out during synchronization. To synchronize only those groups whose names begin with yb or db, for example, you can use the LDAP Expression Builder as shown here. (Alternatively, you can construct the expression manually).

Here is a similar example for the user filter, which looks for all users who are a member of the group yb_all_users or one of its descendent groups (Member of Nested).

After defining the group and user filters, click Test Synchronization Settings. A test results page is displayed.