Powering the Appliance Off and On

Please be aware that powering the appliance down and back up is not the same as restarting the database. Powering down and back up is typically only necessary for appliance cabinet maintenance or transport.

Shutting Down The Appliance

  1. Start ybcli and run the following command to shut down the database and power off the blades and both manager nodes:
    system shutdown

Powering Up An Appliance That Has Been Shut Down

  1. If you have physical access to the system, power on manager node 0 using the power button and continue to step 3.
  2. If you don't have physical access to the system, complete the following steps:
    1. Connect to the BMC in your browser:
      Note: Replace <bmc_ip> with the IP address of your BMC.

      You will receive a cert warning because BMC uses a self-signed cert. You can ignore the cert warning.

    2. For Tinman, log in with username YELLOWBRICK and password YELLOWBRICK.
      Note: If the above credentials do not work, use ADMIN/ADMIN to log in.

      For Andromeda, log in with username ADMIN and password Yellowbr1ck.

    3. Select Remote Control in the top menu bar.
    4. Select Power Control in the left-hand menu.
    5. Power on manager node 0.
  3. Wait at least one minute after starting manager node 0 before turning on manager node 1 by repeating step 1 or 2 for manager node 1.

    The system should come back online within 5 - 10 minutes.

Validating The Appliance

  1. Open a terminal session to manager node 0 either via ssh or the BMC remote console.
    • To access the remote console, log into the BMC at Remote Control > iKVM/HTML5.
    • Log in as ybadmin (password: YBDmgmt).
  2. Start ybcli. If you receive a notification that the system is still starting up, continue waiting.

    Make sure both systems have been up for at least three minutes before continuing.

  3. Power on all blades by running:
    blade poweron all
  4. Verify the system by running the following commands:
    health blade all
    status blade all
    system status
  5. When all blades are fully booted, start the database by running:
    database start
Note: For systems using encryption, all blades and managers must be unlocked before the system is operational. When started after a total system shutdown, ybcli will ask for the encryption keys and perform encryption unlock automatically.