Configuration Settings in the SMC

You can use the SMC Configure Settings screen to change the system configuration in a few ways.

After changing any of these values, click Save Settings in the top-right corner of the screen.

System Name
You can provide a system name that is different from the registered appliance name. For example, if you have multiple registered appliances (yellowbrick1, yellowbrick2), you may want to provide a more descriptive business name for each appliance, such as Palo Alto Dev and Palo Alto QA. These business names are basically nicknames that are visible in SMC browser tabs but do not interfere with the original registered names for each appliance.
Storage: Temporary Space Reservation
Set reserved temporary space as a percentage of total system capacity.
Warning: Changing this value cancels all running queries and reconfigures the database. This operation may take a while, during which time the database is unavailable.

For information about the use of temporary space in queries that spill to disk, see Allocating Query Memory.

See Enabling and Verifying SSL/TLS Encryption for information about SSL-only mode and importing certificates.
Diagnostics Data
Configure phonehome diagnostics data. See Remote Diagnostics.
Set the log retention time period for query statistics. The default is 30 days. You can change the setting to a minimum of 1 day or a maximum of 2 years (and specific time periods in between). A database restart is required in order for the change to take effect.
This time period sets the duration of history that is retained in the following sys.log_* views: See also System Views.