This system view returns information about active alerts on the system. Alerts with a CLOSED status do not appear in this view. See also sys.log_alert, which maintains an alert history.

Column Name Data Type Description
alert_id text A unique UUID string that identifies the alert.
alert_name text Name of the alert, such as Test Alert or Database State.
open_time timestamptz When the alert was opened (first issued).
close_time timestamptz When the alert was closed, which depends on the type of alert. Alerts are closed when their state changes. For example, Database State alerts close when the database comes back ONLINE. Some alerts, such as WLM Rule alerts, are issued then closed immediately (they do not change state).
last_update_time timestamptz When the alert was last updated.
duration_ms numeric(18,3) Length of time, in milliseconds, from when the alert was opened to when it was closed (if closed).
resource text The location or source of the alert, such as the appliance, a drive, a power supply, or a WLM rule.
severity text Severity of the alert: INFORMATIONAL, MINOR, MAJOR, CRITICAL
status text Status of the alert: OPEN, CLOSED
state text State of the resource for the alert, such as offline, error, degraded, stopped.
message text Warning or error message associated with the alert.
acknowledged boolean Whether the alert has been acknowledged in the SMC (via Manage Cluster Alerts or Manage Query Alerts).
acknowledged_time timestamptz When the alert was acknowledged in the SMC.
acknowledged_by text The user who acknowledged the alert in the SMC.
acknowledged_text text Text associated with the acknowledgment, if any.


For example:
yellowbrick_test=# select * from sys.alert;
-[ RECORD 1 ]-----+---------------------------------------
alert_id          | 4ed3eada-9665-4180-996c-9c7cf684f51c
open_time         | 2018-07-04 01:02:59-07
close_time        | [NULL]
last_update_time  | 2018-07-10 19:17:47-07
duration_ms       | 584695178.636
resource          | CLUSTER_MANAGER|Cluster Manager|status
severity          | MAJOR
status            | OPEN
state             | stopped
message           | status is in stopped
acknowledged      | t
acknowledged_time | 2018-07-10 19:17:47.896-07
acknowledged_by   | yellowbrick
acknowledged_text |