This view records the history of backup (ybbackup) operations that are run with pre-Version 4.0 legacy tools. A unique row is defined by the transaction ID assigned to the backup operation.

Column Name Data Type Description
session_key text Unique session key generated for the backup operation.
state text Current state of the backup operation, such as RUNNING or DONE.
error_string text Error message reported for a failed backup. For example, if a backup is cancelled before it completes, the view may report an External data socket error.
object_id bigint Unique ID of the database that was backed up.
user_id bigint Unique ID of the database user.
session_id bigint Unique ID of the ybbackup session.
object_name text Name of the database that was backed up, as passed in on the ybbackup command line.
user_name text Name of the database user, as passed in on the ybbackup command line (or set with YBUSER).
client_hostname text Client host name, if available.
client_username text Operating system user on the client system who is running the backup tool.
start_time timestamptz When the ybbackup command started running.
end_time timestamptz When the ybbackup command completed.
transaction_id bigint Unique transaction ID for the backup.
backup_name text Backup name as specified with the ybbackup --name option.
directories text Directory location where the backup is stored.
sent_bytes bigint Number of bytes transferred over the network.
sent_bytes_per_second double precision Number of bytes per second transferred over the network.
nodata boolean Whether this backup was a "nodata" backup (metadata only).


premdb=# select * from sys.log_backup;

-[ RECORD 1 ]---------+-----------------------------------------------------------------
session_key           | B2QQzmMmFBqMDnLhda1Ds14flpztGp38ib6uyTDYBxpSqFkNeUrIDRwJ5TaC_Mld
state                 | DONE
error_string          | [NULL]
object_id             | 16423
user_id               | 16434
session_id            | 16772
object_name           | premdb
user_name             | bobr
client_hostname       | localhost
client_username       | yb100
start_time            | 2018-12-02 16:31:29.795-07
end_time              | 2018-12-02 16:31:38.569-07
transaction_id        | 46230
backup_name           | dec2018
directories           | [/home/brumsby/premdb_backups]
sent_bytes            | 154559519
sent_bytes_per_second | 19121553
nodata                | f