This view records the history of restore (ybrestore) operations.

Column Name Data Type Description
session_key text Unique session key generated for the restore operation.
session_id bigint Unique ID of the ybrestore session.
client_hostname text Client host name, if available.
client_username text Operating system user on the client system who is running the restore tool.
user_name text Name of the database user, as passed in on the ybrestore command line (or set with YBUSER).
user_id bigint Unique ID of the database user.
database_name text Name of the restored database.
database_id bigint Unique ID of the restored database.
state text Current state of the restore operation, such as USER_DATA_RUNNING or DONE.
error_string text Error message reported for a failed restore. For example, if a restore is cancelled before it completes, the view may report an External data socket error.
start_time timestamptz When the ybrestore command started running.
end_time timestamptz When the ybrestore command completed.
elapsed_ms bigint Time spent running the restore (in milliseconds).
remaining_ms bigint Time remaining to complete the restore (in milliseconds).
received_bytes bigint Number of bytes transferred over the network.
received_bytes_per_sec double precision Number of bytes per second transferred over the network.
storage_bytes bigint Number of bytes stored in the target location.
storage_bytes_per_sec double precision Number of bytes per second being stored in the target location.
backup_point_id text Backup name as specified with the ybbackup --name option.
chain_id text Name of the backup chain.
source_database_name text Name of the source database for the restore (not the restored database name in the case of a database being restored to an alias).
source_appliance_name text Name of the appliance where the database was backed up.


premdb=# select * from sys.log_restore;
-[ RECORD 1 ]----------+-----------------------------------------------------------------
session_key            | BSz3VTMYTqbeX6AR-QspATzuMelRcjI_WlkdaIL9EOjpm49witdmc20HCncmI4It
session_id             | 40984
client_hostname        | localhost
client_username        | yb100
user_name              | yb100
user_id                | 16417
database_name          | premdb_restored
database_id            | 16428
state                  | DONE
error_string           | [NULL]
start_time             | 2020-01-13 18:19:49.381-08
end_time               | 2020-01-13 18:20:07.967-08
elapsed_ms             | 18586
remaining_ms           | 0
received_bytes         | 8121140
received_bytes_per_sec | 436949.316689982
storage_bytes          | 8111423
storage_bytes_per_sec  | 436426.50382008
backup_point_id        | Jan13Full
chain_id               | January2020
source_database_name   | premdb
source_appliance_name  | localhost