This view captures information about remote servers that have been created for database replication. See also CREATE REMOTE SERVER.

Column Name Data Type Description
remote_server_id oid Unique ID for the remote server.
name text User-defined name for the remote server object.
host text Host name of the remote server (the target system).
port integer Database port on the remote server. Default is 5432.
control_port integer NULL. (Refers to JDBC control port on the remote server.)
no_hostname_check boolean Whether strict checking of host names is disabled (true) or enabled (false). The default is false.

For information about Yellowbrick ports, see Manager Node Ports and Opening Network Ports for Clients.

For example:
premdb=# select * from sys.remote_server;
 remote_server_id |       name        |          host        | port | control_port | no_hostname_check 
            16417 | yb100             | | 5432 |       [NULL] | t
            16418 | br_yb_io          |         | 5432 |       [NULL] | t
            16419 | yblocal_checkhost | localhost            | 5432 |       [NULL] | f
(3 rows)