A system view that returns information about the user-defined tables in the database.

Note: The yellowbrick database stores a set of yb_* tables that are visible to superusers only. These tables have four-digit table IDs and appear in results when superusers query sys.table and other views that have the sys.table_ prefix.
Column Name Data Type Description
table_id bigint The unique ID for the table. Tables in different schemas within the same database may have the same name, so you can use this ID to uniquely identify a table.
database_id bigint The unique ID for the database.
name text Name of the table.
schema_id bigint Unique ID of the database schema where the table was created.
owner_id bigint Unique ID of the owner of the table, referring to the user who created it.
distribution text Distribution type: replicated, hash, random.
sort_key text Column name if sorted; otherwise null.
distribution_key text Column name if distributed by hash; othwerise null.
cluster_keys text Columns used as cluster keys, if any.
partition_keys text Columns used as partitioning columns, if any.
is_temp boolean Whether the table was created as a temporary table (f=persistent; t=temporary).
definition text Not implemented.
is_auto_analyze boolean f=table not enabled for auto-analyze; t=table enabled for auto-analyze.
auto_analyze_policy text Name of the auto-analyze policy enabled for the table, if any (or default_policy).
last_analyzed timestamptz When the table was last analyzed (either manually or automatically).
creation_time timestamptz When the table was created.
rowstore_bytes bigint Number of bytes committed to the row store for the table.
rowstore_row_count bigint Number of rows committed to the row store for the table.
rowstore_disk_usage bigint Total size of files currently used in the row store for the table. An entire file (32MB) is reported as in use even if there is only a single row in the table. In general, partially filled files are filled up before new ones are created.
rowstore_size_limit bigint Total size allowed in the row store for the table. The default is 500GB. See also ALTER TABLE.
rowstore_full_action "char" Action taken when the row store size limit is reached for the table: S (Slow), B (Block), or C (Cancel).

See Managing the Row Store and ALTER TABLE.

compressed_bytes bigint Total compressed bytes of actual, live usage on all transactions on the workers.
uncompressed_bytes bigint Total uncompressed bytes of actual, live usage on all transactions on the workers. This does not include bytes in the rowstore on the manager nodes.
snapshot_backup_bytes bigint Backup and restore system data, which is stored in internal system tables. Managed by the backups and only decreases when full backups occur. This data is not counted in the quota decision for the current transaction but is counted for subsequent transactions.
delete_info_bytes bigint Deleted and updated system data on the workers, which is kept in specialized internal data blocks.
reclaimable_bytes bigint Deleted or updated user data on the workers that will be freed up in the background.
max_size_bytes bigint Maximum size of the table set by the quota. NULL if no disk usage limit is set.


premdb=# select table_id, name, distribution, distribution_key, last_analyzed 
from sys.table order by table_id;
 table_id |     name      | distribution | distribution_key |         last_analyzed         
    16882 | season        | replicated   |                  | 2017-09-01 11:47:50.685147-07
    16885 | team          | replicated   |                  | 2017-09-01 11:47:56.03602-07
    16888 | hometeam      | replicated   |                  | 2017-09-01 11:44:19.424487-07
    16891 | awayteam      | replicated   |                  | 2017-09-01 11:44:19.032821-07
    16894 | match         | hash         | seasonid         | 2017-09-01 11:48:07.712739-07
    16898 | newmatchstats | hash         | seasonid         | 2017-09-01 11:40:18.967244-07
(6 rows)
premdb_match=# select name, rowstore_bytes, rowstore_row_count, rowstore_disk_usage, rowstore_size_limit, rowstore_full_action from sys.table where table_id>10000;
 name  | rowstore_bytes | rowstore_row_count | rowstore_disk_usage | rowstore_size_limit | rowstore_full_action 
 new   |            231 |                  3 |            33554432 |        549755813888 | S
 match |       33288310 |               6502 |            33554432 |            33554432 | S
(2 rows)
Return information for a table named season:
premdb=# select * from sys.database where name = 'premdb'; 
-[ RECORD 1 ]---------+---------
table_id              | 16635
database_id           | 16634
name                  | season
schema_id             | 2200
owner_id              | 16007
distribution          | replicated
sort_key              | [NULL]
distribution_key      | [NULL]
cluster_keys          | [NULL]
partition_keys        | [NULL]
is_temp               | f
definition            | [NULL]
is_auto_analyze       | t
auto_analyze_policy   | default_policy
last_analyzed         | [NULL]
creation_time         | 2020-10-01 15:01:01.747977-07
rowstore_bytes        | 1917
rowstore_row_count    | 25
rowstore_disk_usage   | 33554432
rowstore_size_limit   | 549755813888
rowstore_full_action  | S
compressed_bytes      | 0
uncompressed_bytes    | 0
snapshot_backup_bytes | 0
delete_info_bytes     | 0
reclaimable_bytes     | 0
max_size_bytes        | [NULL]