Exporting and Importing Profiles

You can use the SMC to export a WLM profile to a JSON file. Go to Manage > Workloads, then click Export below the profile.

In turn, you can import a profile into the SMC and activate it. You cannot import a profile that has the same name as an existing profile.
Note: In general, manually editing exported profiles is not recommended. You may introduce characters that cause a subsequent import to fail.
This example is for a simple profile that was exported before any rules were defined:
 "default_pool": "shortquerypool",
 "name": "shortquerybias",
 "active": true,
 "pools": [
   "maximum_row_limit": 500000,
   "slots": 20,
   "queue_size": 100,
   "profile": "shortquerybias",
   "name": "shortquerypool",
   "next_memory_queue": null,
   "maximum_wait_limit": null,
   "maximum_exec_time_limit": 1,
   "max_spill_pct": null,
   "requested_memory": null,
   "next_exec_time_limit_queue": null
 "rules": []

You cannot export the default and maintenance profiles.