JavaScript Properties for WLM Rules

The following JavaScript properties are supported for manually scripting conditions and actions in WLM rules. See also Rule Conditions and Rule Actions; where applicable, each property is linked to a description of the equivalent UI control in the SMC. (Some properties do not exist as choices in the SMC.)

The read-only column indicates whether the JavaScript property is settable. Yes means that it is not settable; it can only be read from (that is, used in a filter to make decisions).
Name Description Data Type Read-only
w.abort or w.abortReason Abort Query action (cancel query and return a reason message) String No
w.allowSQB Set Short Query Bias action (or a condition) Boolean No
w.application Application condition String No
w.authenticatedUsername Condition on the user account that originates the session. If SET ROLE is used, this value does not change. String Yes
w.command Command condition String Yes
w.cost Cost condition Number Yes
w.currentState Current State condition. The state of a query can be filtered in a rule that is defined for an earlier state (for example, a submit rule that sets a timeout and executes when the query is in compile or restart state). String Yes
w.database Database condition String Yes
w.duration or w.elapsedTime Total Duration condition. (w.duration and w.elapsedTime are synonyms.) Number Yes
w.errorCode Error Code condition String Yes
w.errorMessage Error Message condition String Yes
w.errorRecoverable Recoverable Error condition; whether the query can be restarted on error (defined as part of the default error recovery policy). Boolean No
w.execId Execution ID condition (where execution ID is the same value as a query_id in sys.query) Number Yes
w.executionDuration Execution Duration condition Number Yes
w.explainAnalyze EXPLAIN ANALYZE condition (whether the query is an EXPLAIN ANALYZE command) Boolean Yes
w.externalScan External table scan condition Boolean Yes
w.externalWrite External table write condition Boolean Yes
log.debug, log.error,, log.warn Action to log messages at different levels String Yes
w.lookup Set Lookup Query action; also a condition Boolean No
w.maximumExecTimeLimit Set Maximum Execution Time Limit action Number No
w.maximumRowLimit Set Maximum Row Limit action Number No
w.maximumWaitLimit Set Maximum Wait Limit action Number No
w.memoryEstimate Memory Estimate condition (value in MB, but equivalent to memory_estimated_bytes in sys.query) Number No
w.memoryEstimateConfidence Memory Estimate Confidence condition String Yes
w.memoryRequiredMB Memory required condition (in MB but maps to memory_required_bytes in sys.query) Number Yes
w.movable Movable query condition Boolean Yes
w.moveToResourcePool(w.resourcePool, w.allowMoveToSamePool) Move Query to New Resource Pool action

Moves a query to a different resource pool, or to the same pool if the second argument is true (it is false by default).

String N/A
w.namespace Schema condition String Yes
w.numRestartError Number of restarts on error (num_error in sys.query) Number Yes
w.numRestartUser Number of restarts by user (num_restart in sys.query) Number Yes
w.priority Priority condition or action String No
w.referencedTables Referenced Tables condition String (list) Yes
w.requestedMemoryMB Set Requested Memory action (in MB) Number No
w.requestedMemoryPercent Set Requested Memory action (as a percentage) Number No
w.requestedSpillMB Set Requested Temp Space action (in MB) Number No
w.requestedSpillPercent Set Requested Temp Space action (as a percentage) Number No
w.resourcePool Resource Pool condition or action. See also Setting and Matching Resource Pools in WLM Rules. String No
w.restartable Restartable query condition Boolean Yes
w.restartInResourcePool(w.resourcePool, w.allowRestartInSamePool) Restart Query in Resource Pool action

Restarts a query in a different resource pool, or in the same pool if the second argument is true (it is false by default).

String, Boolean N/A
w.roles User Roles condition String Yes
w.sessionId Session ID condition Number
w.setTimeout(function () ..., timeoutMs) Timeout condition (specifies a timeoutMs delay on the body of the rule) String, Number
w.singleWorker Single Worker query condition Boolean Yes
w.SQLText SQL condition String Yes
w.stats.AvgCpu Average CPU across cluster Number Yes
w.stats.bytesNetwork Bytes Network condition Number Yes
w.stats.bytesRead Bytes Read condition Number Yes
w.stats.BytesReadClient Bytes Read by Client condition Number Yes
w.stats.BytesWriteClient Bytes Sent by Client condition Number Yes
w.stats.bytesReadSpill Temporary Bytes Read condition Number Yes
w.stats.bytesWrite Bytes Written condition Number Yes
w.stats.bytesWriteSpill Temporary Bytes Written condition Number Yes
w.stats.cpu CPU percent usage on longest worker (cpu_percent in sys.query) Number Yes
w.stats.longestWorker Longest worker condition String (UUID) Yes
w.stats.maxCpu CPU percent usage of max worker (cpu_percent_max in sys.query) Yes
w.stats.memory Memory condition (on longest worker, memory_bytes in sys.query) Number Yes
w.stats.maxMemory Max Memory condition Number Yes
w.stats.rowsDeleted Rows Deleted condition Number Yes
w.stats.rowsInserted Rows Inserted condition Number Yes
w.stats.rowsReturned Rows Returned condition Number Yes
w.statsStored Store Execution Statistics action and condition Boolean Yes
w.superUser Superuser condition (superuser column in sys.user and sys.role) Boolean Yes
w.tags Set Query Tags action or condition String No
w.transactionId Transaction ID condition (transaction_id in sys.query) Number Yes
w.type Type condition (type of query) String Yes
w.user User Name condition String Yes
w.userId User ID condition String Yes
w.workstation Workstation condition, where this value corresponds to client_ip_address in the sys.log_session and sys.log_session views. String Yes
wlm.assignMaximumResources Action to assign the maximum available resources in a pool. See Default Error Recovery. Boolean N/A
wlm.assignMostConcurrentPool wlm.assignMostConcurrentPoolWithTempSpace wlm.assignMostConcurrentPoolWithoutTempSpace wlm.assignSmallestPoolForMemoryassignLargestMemoryPool wlm.assignLargestMemoryPoolWithTempSpace wlm.assignLargestMemoryPoolWithoutTempSpace wlm.assignLargestTempSpacePool wlm.assignLeastBusyPool Actions to assign resource pools. These actions take no parameters. N/A N/A
wlm.throttle(max, barrierName) Limit Concurrent Queries action (maximum number, name of "barrier," such as a user, role, or application) Number, String No