WLM Example: Using the SMC

All of the setup steps in the following example can be completed in the SMC (as shown) or by using SQL commands.

To set up a simple example of workload management:

  1. Log into the SMC and go to Manage > Workloads > Create Profile.
  2. Create a profile and give it a meaningful name, such as shortquerybias.

    By default, this profile contains a single resource pool: system.

  3. Click Create Resource Pool under the shortquerybias profile. Name the new pool shortquerypool, and give it 20 slots, a queue size of 100, a maximum row limit of 100000, and a maximum execution time of 1.

  4. Mark the new resource pool as the default pool for this profile. Under shortquerypool, select Mark as Default Pool.
    A check mark will appear next to the resource pool name.

  5. Click Rules > Create Rule.
  6. Create a Compile type rule and name it fastlane.

  7. Require all queries against the premdb database to run in shortquerypool.

  8. Go back to Profiles/Resource Pools, click shortquerybias, and create a new active configuration.

    You will see an activation message under the profile name.

  9. Go to the Query tab and run a query as a non-superuser with select privileges on the tables in the premdb database. For example:

    Note: When admin users and superusers (such as the yellowbrick user) submit requests, they all go to the admin resource pool.
  10. Monitor WLM activity. Go to Manage > Workloads > Rule Processing to see which rules and pools were processed for the query.