config timezone

List the supported time zones, get the currently set time zone, or set a new time zone.
config timezone get
config timezone list
config timezone set <country> <city>
timezone get
Return the current time zone that is in effect on both manager nodes.
YBCLI (PRIMARY)> config timezone get

Current timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Remote manager node

Current timezone: America/Los_Angeles
timezone list
List all supported time zones.
YBCLI (PRIMARY)> config timezone list

Africa  Abidjan
Africa  Accra
Africa  Addis_Ababa
Africa  Algiers
Note that the entries are separated by spaces. When you set the time zone, use country <space> city. The list is very long so you may want to save it to a file.
[ybdadmin@yb100-mgr0 ~]$ ybcli config timezone list > ybtz.txt
[ybdadmin@yb100-mgr0 ~]$ 
timezone set
Set the time zone on the manager nodes. When you set the time zone, use a space character, not a backslash, between the country or region and the city name. For example: config timezone set Europe Paris
Changing the time zone requires the database to be stopped and restarted, as shown here:
YBCLI (PRIMARY)> config timezone set America Los_Angeles
Changing the timezone requires the database to be stopped. Are you sure you want to change the timezone?
Note: After this command is run, the database can be started again using the 'database start' command
Type yes to continue: yes
Stopping YBD services for timezone change. Standby...  Done
Successfully set timezone to: America/Los_Angeles
Remote manager node
Successfully set timezone to: America/Los_Angeles
YBCLI (PRIMARY)> database status
Database system running        : NO
Database system ready          : N/A
Database system read-only      : NO
Database system uptime         : N/A
Database system users connected: 4 (including system users)
YBCLI (PRIMARY)> database start
Starting Yellowbrick database services. Standby...  Done