ybcli Reference

The ybcli tool is the command-line interface (CLI) for Yellowbrick system management. It is the interface that you enter when you connect to the manager nodes. This CLI is used for managing the appliance at the system and hardware level; it is not for managing the database, except for starting and stopping the database or validating its runtime status.

ybcli is used to control and manage system components and is also very useful for system diagnostics, troubleshooting, and general interaction with the Yellowbrick appliance.

Some ybcli commands may fail if the hardware required to execute a given command is down.

Yellowbrick Data CLI v5.2.12-220217233906 (Tinman)
Copyright (c) 2016-2022 Yellowbrick Data, Inc.
All rights reserved
Redundant manager node detected
YBCLI is currently running on the PRIMARY manager node
Local manager node : yb100-mgr0.yellowbrick.io (PRIMARY)
Remote manager node: yb100-mgr1.yellowbrick.io (SECONDARY)

Type 'help' for a list of supported commands

YBCLI (PRIMARY - yb00-mgr0)> 

The manager node that is currently servicing database operations and queries is considered the primary manager node. The other manager node is considered the secondary manager node. When you have logged into a manager node, the node where you are currently connected is known as the local manager node, and the other node is known as the remote manager node.

Most ybcli commands are issued against the local manager node (for example, creating users and changing passwords) and as needed, are automatically replicated to the remote node when needed. However, some commands must be run from the primary node (for example, tailing the logs). Some commands (such as manager status) allow you to specify the manager node where the command is run (all, local, or remote).

Type help for a list of supported commands:
YBCLI (PRIMARY - yb00-mgr0)> help

Available YBCLI commands. Type 'help <command>' for details           
blade  config    debug       exit    help      log      quit    system
clear  database  encryption  health  keystore  manager  status
For more details, see help.
Tip: You can use tab completion to fill out keywords on the screen and return help information. When you reach the end of a keyword, press the Tab key twice. For example, after typing system and a space, press Tab twice to return the following output:
YBCLI (PRIMARY - yb00-mgr0)> system 
appliance    blackout     diagnostics  factory      failover     maintenance  register     shutdown     status
Tip: You can see a history of ybcli commands that were run in the current session or a previous session by entering the up and down arrows at the prompt.