External Interfaces

The following Yellowbrick external interfaces are built-in parts of the system that are intended for use by application developers, system administrators, and DBAs. Customers typically set up their own BI tools and applications for end-user access.

Applications that connect to the appliance include SQL tools, the bulk loader, and the System Management Console (SMC).

System Management Console (SMC)

The SMC is a user interface for system configuration, cluster management, and monitoring activities on Yellowbrick databases. You can use the SMC to monitor resource utilization, configure workload management (WLM), analyze graphical query plans, and monitor query performance. See Using the System Management Console.


The ybcli is the system management CLI for Yellowbrick appliances. This CLI runs only on the manager nodes and is the main tool for managing the appliance at the system and hardware level. See ybcli Reference.

SQL Client (ybsql)

The ybsql tool is the command-line SQL interface for Yellowbrick databases. You can use ybsql as a standard SQL entry tool to create and modify database objects (users, tables, views), run queries, and maintain the database. Yellowbrick supports ANSI SQL with some customizations. See ybsql Reference.

Bulk Load and Unload Clients (ybload, ybunload)

The ybload and ybunload utilities are Java-based programs that run on systems outside the Yellowbrick appliance.

You use ybload to run bulk loads into database tables, reading the data from local or remote storage systems. Bulk loads bypass the manager node and distribute data directly to the worker nodes. You can download the client from the SMC. Bulk Loading Tables.

You use ybunload to unload the contents of a specific table or the results of a given query. The output files are exported to local storage or object storage systems. See Unloading Data.

Backup and Restore Clients

The backup and restore clients are Java-based programs that run on client systems:
  • ybbackup backs up one or more databases
  • ybrestore restores databases from backups
  • ybbackupctl returns information about existing backups

See Backup and Restore.

ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET Drivers

These drivers provide standard modes of connectivity to Yellowbrick databases from analytic applications. You can download each driver from the SMC. See Client Tools and Drivers.