Create an NFS-mounted external table.

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE 'reference_name/path_to_file' 
USING (options) AS query
Important: Do not try to use this kind of external table for object storage. See the Yellowbrick Test Drive documentation for information about external loads from AWS S3.


Specify the name of a writable mount point defined with a CREATE EXTERNAL MOUNT command, followed by the location of a specific destination file on that mount point.

The destination file does not have to exist when the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE command is run. If it does exist, by default its contents are truncated and overwritten with the results of the specified query. You can change this behavior by setting notruncate true in the USING clause.

Specify the data format and other load or unload options. See USING Options.
Specify any valid Yellowbrick query (a SELECT statement). The column list for an external table is derived from this query.

See also External Tables.