Return a substring from a character string, based on start and end values. See also SUBSTRING.

SUBSTR(string, start [, count])
An expression that evaluates to a character string.
Note: The data type of this string determines the return type of the function.
Starting position of the substring (an integer).
Number of characters in the substring.

The following example returns two substrings of the ftscore column, which contains 3-character strings such as 1-1, 2-1, 0-0, 3-2, and so on. The first substring returns only the first character, and the second substring returns only the third character.

premdb=# SELECT ftscore, SUBSTR(ftscore,1,1) homegoals, SUBSTR(ftscore,3,1) awaygoals 
FROM match WHERE seasonid=2 AND htid=2 AND atid=52;
 ftscore | homegoals | awaygoals 
 1-2     | 1         | 2
(1 row)