Installing ybtools on Windows

Make sure that Java 1.8 64-bit is installed on your client system. See Installing the Java Runtime Environment.

Follow these steps to install the client tools on a Windows client system:

  1. Download the Windows package from the Yellowbrick Manager. Go to Support > Drivers and Tools > Client Tools.
  2. If necessary, copy the downloaded package to the client system.
  3. As an Administrator user, double-click the downloaded file to start the installer (for example,
    The Client Tools Setup Wizard starts up.
  4. Click through the Setup Wizard and respond to all of the prompts. Note the following options:
    You can select the tools to install:

    You can choose an installation directory:

    The default installation location is as follows:
    C:\Program Files\Yellowbrick Data\Client Tools
  5. Optionally, set the Path variable to point to the installation directory.
    1. Right-click the Start menu.
    2. Select System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables...
    3. Edit the Path variable and add the client tools location to the beginning of the string. In this example, the default location is added.

Changing the Console Code Page

After installing ybtools, run a simple ybsql command and check for the following WARNING message:
WARNING: Console code page (437) differs from Windows code page (1252)
         8-bit characters might not work correctly....
To change the console code page:
  1. Each time you open a new command line console, set the code page by entering (for example):
    chcp 1252
    at the command prompt, where 1252 is the Windows Latin 1 (ANSI) code page. Set the code page for your environment, as indicated by the warning message. If you are using Cygwin, you can put this chcp command in /etc/profile.
  2. Set the console font to Lucida Console; the raster font does not work with the ANSI code page.

JVM Settings on Windows Clients

Under normal circumstances, the default JVM settings for Yellowbrick client tools should be appropriate for most workloads. However, you may need to increase these settings because of memory requirements, for example. If so, here is an example you can follow for ybload:

@echo off

: Set base options for JVM
if not defined JVMOPT (
    set JVMOPT=-Xmx16g -Xms1g

: Override launch using JAVA_HOME/JAVACMD
if defined JAVA_HOME (
    set JAVACMD="%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java"
if defined JAVACMD (
    %JAVACMD% %JAVAOPT% %JVMOPT% -classpath "%~dp0ybload.exe%" io.yellowbrick.ybload.Main %*
) else (
    "%~dp0ybload.exe%" %*

Save these settings to a file such as ybload.bat and place the file next to ybload.exe in your ybtools installation.