Recoverable Error Codes

The following error codes define types of Yellowbrick error conditions that are recoverable. Queries that fail with these errors can be restarted by the system, given the appropriate rule configuration. See Restarting Queries.

08000 ERRCODE_CONNECTION_EXCEPTION       : connection exception
08003 ERRCODE_CONNECTION_DOES_NOT_EXIST  : connection does not exist
08006 ERRCODE_CONNECTION_FAILURE         : connection failure
40P01 ERRCODE_T_R_DEADLOCK_DETECTED      : deadlock detected
53000 ERRCODE_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES     : insufficient resources
53200 ERRCODE_OUT_OF_MEMORY              : out of memory
EEOOM ERRCODE_QUERY_OOM                  : Query out of memory
KE001 MISSINGFILE                        : File not found
KE002 OUTOFMEMORY                        : Out of memory
KE004 QUEUEFULL                          : Queue full
KE007 MISSINGID                          : Missing id
KE017 FILESYSTEMMISSINGFILE              : Missing file
KE019 FILESYSTEMOUTOFBOUNDS              : File system out of bounds
KE022 TCPSOCKETERROR                     : TCP socket error
KE023 RPCPROTOCOLERROR                   : RPC protocol error
KE029 SPILLLIMITSEXCEEDED                : WLM assigned limits exceeded during spill
KE031 FILESYSTEMSPILLFULL                : File system space reserved for spilling full
KE032 SPILLLIMITEXCEEDED                 : Attempt to use spill space above limit
KE036 TCPSOCKETTIMEOUT                   : TCP socket timeout
KE038 RPCCHANNELCLOSED                   : RPC channel closed
KE039 RPCCHANNELBROKEN                   : RPC channel broken
KE041 Library file write
KU003 IOVALIDATION                       : Malformed IoRequest
KU004 INVALIDIOREQUEST                   : Malformed IoRequest
KU005 INVALIDNVMEIOREQUEST               : Malformed NVMe IORequest
KU006 FBDDRIVERFAILURE                   : FakeBlockDevice driver failure
KU007 NVMEDRIVERFAILURE                  : NMVe driver failure
KU008 UNEXPECTEDTCPSOCKETERROR           : Unexpected TCP socket error
KU009 SCHEDULEFAILURE                    : Failed to schedule task
KU010 IBDRIVERFAILURE                    : IB driver failure
KU011 FILESYSTEMMISSINGPREFIX            : Could not find file with prefix for Parity
KU012 FILESYSTEMNONUNIQUEPREFIX          : Too many files with prefix for Parity
KU016 FPGADRIVERFAILURE                  : FPGA driver failure
KU017 BOUNCEBUFFERDRIVERFAILURE          : Bounce buffer driver failure
KUSEG SEGV                               : Segfault
P0004 ERRCODE_ASSERT_FAILURE             : assert failure
WL017 ERRCODE_WORKLOAD_CANCEL_CLIENT_WAIT: query cancelling and so client wait should not proceed
WM001 ERRCODE_WORKER_OFFLINE             : worker offline
WM002 ERRCODE_SYSTEM_NOT_READY           : system not ready
WM003 ERRCODE_CANCEL_FOR_RESTART         : Query restarting
YB004 OUTOFHASHMEMORY                    : Hash table too big
YB005 SPILLINGSORT                       : Attempting to spill a sort to disc
YB006 TEMPTABLEOUTOFMEMORY               : Temp table exceeded max size
YB007 MISSINGTEMPTABLE                   : Temp table cannot be found or is not readable
YB008 NOSUCHEXECUTIONID                  : ExecutionID not found
YB009 NOSUCHNODEID                       : NodeID not found
YB010 INVALIDREGISTRATION                : Invalid worker registration.
YB044 RecoverableGeneric
YU002 NOSUCHWORKERID                     : invalid worker id