SQL Data Types

Yellowbrick supports the following data types. The aliases listed in the table are valid alternative keywords for each data type. For more details about each type, go to the linked topic.

Data Type Aliases Description
BOOLEAN BOOL 1-byte Boolean value
SMALLINT INT2 16-bit signed integer
INTEGER INT, INT4 32-bit signed integer
BIGINT INT8 64-bit signed integer
DECIMAL DEC, NUMERIC Numeric values with a maximum precision of 38.
REAL FLOAT4 32-bit floating-point value
DOUBLE PRECISION FLOAT, FLOAT8 64-bit floating-point value
UUID 128-bit generated value (a sequence of lowercase or uppercase hexadecimal digits)
VARCHAR CHARACTER VARYING Variable-length character string
CHAR CHARACTER, BPCHAR Fixed-length character string
TIME Time of day value
TIMESTAMP Timestamp without time zone
IPV4 IP address (4-byte)
IPV6 IP address (16-byte)
MACADDR MAC address (6-byte)
MACADDR8 MAC address (8-byte, EUI-64 format)

Data Types Currently Not Supported

  • INTERVAL is not supported as a declared column type for a table (INTERVAL data cannot be stored). However, functions and expressions can operate on INTERVAL literals and produce INTERVAL output values (such as in views).
  • TEXT: You can cast TEXT values to character strings or other types, but you cannot create a table with a TEXT column. Any non-constant TEXT value that the system processes is converted to a VARCHAR(64000) value internally. This behavior is inefficient so Yellowbrick recommends keeping use of TEXT values to a minimum.
  • NAME is not supported as a column type.
  • TIMETZ is not supported.
  • SERIAL is not supported.