MOVE query

Move a query to another WLM resource pool.

MOVE query TO WLM RESOURCE POOL pool [ WITH ( resource value [,...] ) ]
The ID of a running query (query_id column in sys.query).
Name of a resource pool in the active WLM profile. A query can only be moved to a pool, or restarted in a pool, that is part of the currently active WLM configuration. For more details, see Moving Queries.
resource value
Optional settings for resources: memory, spill, and priority.

Valid settings for memory and spill are numbers (explicitly or implicitly in MB) or percentages. For example, memory '5000', memory '1000MB', and spill '10%' are all valid.

Valid settings for priority are low, normal, high, and critical.


For example:
premdb# move 17831 to wlm resource pool flexpool10;
The following examples request specific resources to use after the query is moved:
premdb=# move 5547012 to wlm resource pool long with(memory '100MB',priority low,spill '100MB');
premdb=# move 13450004 to wlm resource pool long with(priority critical);